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ShorForm is the ultimate plywood in close sheeting. Because of its lightweight, high strength, durable nonconducting construction, you can reduce crew size and free backhoe-trenching machinery. High reuse capability, flexibility in application and ease of deployment/retrieval reduce shoring investment over traditional lumber, plywood and steel systems.

ShorForm is a special exterior Finland birch plywood with the superior strength of being made entirely of Nordic white birch, one of the strongest hardwoods available. ShorForm has one of the toughest, most durable surfaces on the market. Phenolic resins impregnated into the white birch hardwoods provide maximum reuse and less end-product cost.


  • High strength
  • Above ground installation/retrieval
  • Nonconductive construction


  • Tested and proven
  • High-impact resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • High jobsite recovery


  • High reuse capability, long life
  • Lower shoring material cost
  • Adaptable to all mechanical/hydraulic bracing systems
  • Multi-use on-site capability
  • Lightweight
  • Reduces size of shoring crew
  • Frees backhoe/trenching machine
  • Easily transportable
  • Minimizes insurance cost/penalties through proper safety

ShorForm edges are sealed by a unique process which insures minimum moisture penetration. When these edges are recut or when wood is exposed to moisture by nail holes, etc., it is important to reseal them. Urethane sealers, chlorinated rubber-based paints, vinyl water-based paints and modified spar varnishes are some of the sealers proven effective with ShorForm.

Care and Storage
Cleaning and repairing the phenolic face of ShorForm will lengthen its life. A wide, blunt blade or stiff brush is recommended. Examine the edges, corners and faces for saw cuts, dents, or other damage after each use. Be sure to fill and seal all damaged areas with a polyester-resin auto body putty (or epoxy plastic fillers). Make sure the area is clean and dry prior to fillings and sanding. Careful handling, stacking and storing will also extend ShorForm's potentially long life.


Plywood and Door Legal Notice  Plywood and Door