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Warkaus Ships-Ply Grating and Lining


Warkaus Ships-Ply Grating is designed for the floors of cargo holds in reefers. It is grooved, and holes are drilled into the grooves to ensure air circulation. Panel face is painted with epoxy paint. Plastic granulate can be applied on the surface to improve the frictional properties. Base panel of birch is always impregnated against rot and fungi. The reverse side is coated with epoxy paint or phenolic film.

Standard thickness: 27-44 mm. Standard panel size: 1500x1500 mm. Depth of grooves: 9 mm. Standard perforation: 20, 25, 28 mm; 52, 66, or 78 holes/panel. Thinner, non-perforated grating panels for wall linings are also available.

Warkaus Ships-Ply Lining is an epoxy painted wall panel for cargo holds in reefers. Thanks to its good hygienic properties, it is ideal for use in food industry as wall lining panel in factory halls. Panels are impregnated against rot and fungi.

Standard Thickness: 9, 12, 15, 18 mm.
Largest panel size: 1500x3660 mm.
Colors: sea green, white.


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