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For many years WISA-Form shuttering plywood has been the premier name for formwork panels all over the world. Only two species of wood are used in WISA-Form concrete formwork panels: Finnish birch and spruce the mechanical characteristics of which have been observed throughout decades of research and use.

WISA-Form base boards are faced on both sides with phenolic film, which is both weather- and boil-proof. The phenolic film resists the most common chemicals in addition to the alkalinity of the concrete. WISA-Form panels are easy to machine. They are strong, homogeneous and light with an exceptionally good strength/rigidity weight ratio.

For vehicle building and agricultural construction the folloiwng panel colors are avaiable: light brown, green, red and yellow. Refer to product WISA-Form Colors.

WISA-Form Birch has all veneers of birch and its intended for applications demanding particularly strong formwork panels, like bridges and dam construction sites, slipform casting, sustaining walls, galleries and high-rise buildings.

WISA-Form Super (400 g/m2) is a top class concrete formwork panel for projects where panel surface has to withstand exceptionally hard wear and numerous reuses are expected. The base panel is always birch. This product is particularly well suited for casting lines in the precast element industry and large formwork systems used on sites.

WISA-Form Maxi and WISA-Form Super Maxi are giant size shuttering panels from which large seamless forms can be made out of one panel. A Maxi panel is made out of standard size panels by scarf-jointing. The maxi panel is sanded smooth prior to coating, which guarantees a high quality smooth and seamless surface. The largest size Maxi panel with WISA-Form or WISA-Form Super coating is 12300x2700 mm.

Edge and CNC machinings are available according to customers' needs. We are able to offer a very flexible range of sizes.


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