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WISA-Phon is a special plywood panel with good sound-absorbing and vibration properties developed especially for floors of buses and trains. The panel is normally a sandwich component with a sound-absorbing foil bonded between coated or uncoated plywood panels. The mechanical strength of the construction makes it possible to perform detailed machining, to cut hatches, etc. The thickness of the panel depends on the intended end use and is to be determined case by case. The size range of WISA-Phon covers specifications for the floors of buses and trains. In addition to flooring, the WISA-Phon panels can also be used for wall linings. Two types of WISA-Phon panels are available: WISA-Phon N and WISA-Phon S. The former is especially developed for heavy duty transport, i.e. trains and city buses, the latter for buses and coaches.

WISA-PhonEdge and CNC machinings are available according to customers' needs. We are able to offer a very flexible range of sizes.


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